Hi-Riders (1978)


Starring: Mel Ferrer, Neville Brand, Ralph Meeker

Darby Hinton (Angels Brigade, Without Warning) and Diane Peterson (Titanic, Robocop 2) go from town to town consistently winning drag races. They beat a Hi-Rider, a gang of drag racers on the streets of Los Angeles. However the drag racer roars away without paying. At the Hi-Riders headquarters another drag race ensues and the Hi-Rider loses again. Darby and Diane befriend the Hi-Rider gang. A local hot head loses his life in a spectacular explosion. The boy’s father, a retired Mafioso, vows revenge. A fantastic stunt filled chase ensues between the Hi-Riders and the local Mafioso. Zip up your leather jacket, turn over the motor and take the ride of your life with the Hi-Riders.


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